Annual Meeting and Board Changes

by Kate Galer on February 21, 2018

Join us at our Annual Meeting! March 1st from 7-9 PM at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

The topic of the meeting will be “Immigration and Suburbanization in Ardmore”, by Villanova professor Craig Bailey. Rapid suburban development radically altered the landscape and built environment of Ardmore at the turn of the twentieth century. This presentation tells the story of that dramatic transformation from the perspective of Charles Reed Barker, who resided in Ardmore between 1882 and 1919. Arriving in Ardmore at the age of 7, Barker literally grew up with the new suburb of Ardmore and regretted what he saw as the careless destruction of local landmarks due to unrestrained development. Barker’s attempts to preserve the past in photographs, scrapbooks, diaries and other texts provide a unique firsthand view of Ardmore’s early history.

We will also discuss park events for the year, vote on Board members and answer any questions you may have. This is a great chance to find out about the Friends and GET INVOLVED! The Friends does 99% of the maintenance and improvements at Linwood and we need you! The meeting will be held at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at Athens and Wynnewood Road – FREE – light refreshments provided by the Jack McShea’s and the Friends of Linwood Park. ALL WELCOME

Friends of Linwood Park Board Updates

Dear Friends,

After serving as the President of the Friends of Linwood Park Board for almost 8 years, since the park opened, I am resigning from the Board. I have watched the space go from a parking lot to an oasis for people, plants, and animals in a thriving and diverse neighborhood. My kids and many kids have grown up there – going to Chalk Mob, movie night, interpretative dance, volunteering, or just hanging out and enjoying the freedom of being outside. There have been many friendships forged at our one square acre and ” Let’s meet at Linwood” said again and again. I even got married there! It has been an amazing journey to be a part of making a park. How many people get to say that?

You can’t get rid of me so easily though! I am not going anywhere. Not selling everything and moving to New Orleans (yet). I plan to continue to volunteer and be a part of this great neighborhood and park.

One of the best parts of being a part of the Friends has been working with the wonderful volunteers and Board members over the years. I can honestly say all the Board members are friends (lower case f) and smart, kind, dedicated neighbors. Thank you so much to current Board members – Dan Gale, Jill Timberlake, Sadie Clifford, Pam Edmonds, Harriet Ruffin, Maggie Rwakazina, Colleen Johnson, and Abby Greenberry. Thank you to all the past Board members as well. As I leave the Board as of our Annual Meeting on March 1st, we will be voting on a replacement for President and voting new Board members on to the Board. Dan Gale has thrown his hat in the ring to become President, which would be a great service. Abby Greenberry will be voted on for Secretary. We will also vote on welcoming two new Board members, Chris Leswing and David Burke. Please join us at our meeting to welcome them.

Thank you all so much, it has been an honor to collaborate with all of you on this wonderful place! See you in the Park!


Kate Galer

P.S. See picture of me and my husband when the park was still a parking lot. Younger then, wiser now :)

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